How can i find my stolen phone/iphone?

By | May 28, 2016

Usually to find a lost phone number is not particularly difficult, at the same time to find a stolen mobile phone or iPhone is more problematic. However, there are such techniques, which can help to find both the device and the subscriber number.


Ifyouneed to find the mobile phone, but not the lost phone number, you can use satellite transmission facilities or specialservices, provided by the mobile phone providers.To help youandyour loved ones to find lost or stolen mobile phone you should install a special program on the phonethatallows you totrack itfrom another device via satellite.

You have to install the distant tracking software and check its serviceability. The program will specify the current location of the mobile phone on the map. The accuracy of the location’s specification depends on the truth of the various conditions. Remember that installation of such software on someone else’s phone without the owner’s permission is prohibited and is illegal.

At the same time if you are the proud owner of iPhone, it is easier for you to find it.

What steps do I need to make to simplify the iPhone’s search, if it has been stolen or lost?

The Function “Find my Device”

It is recommended to set up the function “Find iPhone» in your iPhone or iPad as soon as you buy the device.

  1. First, make sure that the geolocation function is enabled in your privacy settings (Settings -> Privacy -> Geolocation).
  2. Then activateiCloudandenable the function“Find iPhone”in thesystem settings in tabOf course, this procedure does not protectyou from a theft, but it can greatly simplify the stolen iPhonesearch, namely, to determine the location of theiPhoneoriPad.
  3. However, it happens that besidespicking and stealing experience, a thief is also experiencedin the devicesand caneasilydisablethis setting, depriving you of the opportunityto find the iPhone. Tomake a thief’s life difficult itis recommended toset a password forthe iPhone’s unlock.

How do I find the location of my stolen iPhone?

Variant 1. To determine the location of the iPhone, please visit and open the Web application “Find iPhone”.

Variant 2. Start the application “Find iPhone” on any iOS device. If the iPhone has already been registered in the service iCloud, and has the Internet access at this time, the application will indicate the location of the iPhone. If the iPhone does not have the Internet access, it is possible to activate the notification of the device appearance on the Internet by e-mail.

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