Does my phone send/receive GPS Signals?

By | August 28, 2016

Technology was only been used in the nautical products. Today chip that plots the coordinates with the help of satellites is built into any moderate smartphone, and the opportunity to learn the location of a mobile user has opened the way to bring into being number of useful services.


When a man chooses the cheapest smartphone without the GPS module because he has no car and he thinks that he is unneedful of navigation, he is wrong. In fact, he denies himself pleasure to ride the crest. Along with the reduction the GPS modules cost-cutting, we have got another significant bonus –well-run mobile web. In many cities, 3G network are rapidly starting and mobile operators are gradually providing unlimited mobile tarif. As the result, there is the ability to be always online.

Support for GPS

Depending on the technical characteristics of a phone, the “My Location” uses a variety of methods to determine your approximate location on the map.

Android devices

Turn on GPS in your phone. On the Home screen select Settings> Location Services and install GPS Satellite.

GPS insertion into the Maps. If the GPS function is switched on in a phone, GPS satellites search is done automatically after the Maps opening. A flashing satellite icon in the alerts panel means that the Maps are performing search of the GPS satellites. If the icon is not blinking, it means that the active connection with the satellite GPS is finding out.

BlackBerry devices

Turn on GPS in your phone. Select Options > Advanced Options > GPS and set a value “On” for the GPS services. GPS insertion into the Maps. Select Menu> Help and enable My Location (select check box). Once a connection is settled to the GPS, there is a point on the map that indicates your current location to with the accuracy of a few meters.

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