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The Best Places to Hide a GPS Machine

Tracking people, such as your children, spouse, or employees sounds easier, but ask anyone who has done it and it has never been easier. These GPS tracking devices gather data regarding your location which you can either view in real-time or to be downloaded later.


However, in order to be completely effective, they need to stay out of sight. You also need to effectively conceal it because it can cause commotion when the person mistakes it for something else.

Some of the most common places to hide it is under the dashboard, the trunk, the glove compartment, pedals, or the car exteriors. The problem with these places is that they can be easily detected. In some cases, like under the car pedal, it can lead to a serious injury.

Thus, the best places to hide it are those which are very accessible and safe yet not ordinary. That means you have to think outside the box, such as in a window scraper, under a floor mat in the back of the car, or any place that corresponds to the driving habits of the person you are tracking.

You should also consider that the person you’re tracking does not only drive, but also walk; thus, you have to think how the GPS device can stay with them for the rest of the day. Some of the best tracking devices are small and fit perfectly inside jacket or coat linings, under bike seats, or inside the pockets.

You can also put it inside a woman’s purse which can come in handy in the absence of a mobile phone. For your children, what better way than to attach it in your children’s backpack to easily locate them quickly.

If you are the owner of a business retail, placing GPS trackers in important packages can save you a lot of money because it is easier to locate stolen goods and prevent theft through them. Other places where you can hide them is in a boat or motorcycle. It can also be placed inside a construction site to protect heavy equipment or items from getting stolen.

Does my phone send/receive GPS Signals?

Technology was only been used in the nautical products. Today chip that plots the coordinates with the help of satellites is built into any moderate smartphone, and the opportunity to learn the location of a mobile user has opened the way to bring into being number of useful services.


When a man chooses the cheapest smartphone without the GPS module because he has no car and he thinks that he is unneedful of navigation, he is wrong. In fact, he denies himself pleasure to ride the crest. Along with the reduction the GPS modules cost-cutting, we have got another significant bonus –well-run mobile web. In many cities, 3G network are rapidly starting and mobile operators are gradually providing unlimited mobile tarif. As the result, there is the ability to be always online.

Support for GPS

Depending on the technical characteristics of a phone, the “My Location” uses a variety of methods to determine your approximate location on the map.

Android devices

Turn on GPS in your phone. On the Home screen select Settings> Location Services and install GPS Satellite.

GPS insertion into the Maps. If the GPS function is switched on in a phone, GPS satellites search is done automatically after the Maps opening. A flashing satellite icon in the alerts panel means that the Maps are performing search of the GPS satellites. If the icon is not blinking, it means that the active connection with the satellite GPS is finding out.

BlackBerry devices

Turn on GPS in your phone. Select Options > Advanced Options > GPS and set a value “On” for the GPS services. GPS insertion into the Maps. Select Menu> Help and enable My Location (select check box). Once a connection is settled to the GPS, there is a point on the map that indicates your current location to with the accuracy of a few meters.

I Would Like To Find All My Class Mates, How?

Are you going on an expedition with your classmates? Carry your GPS tracking device along. These days you can use your smartphone to GPS track your friends using your phone. There are services that, when integrated to your phone will be able to track and locate several phone numbers using the GPS technology.


Just enter the phone numbers that you want to track and you can easily locate where each one of them is. Now, with the latest GPS technology for tracking, it will be literally impossible to get lost, even in a new place.

There are services that lets you create groups where members can track each other. So, you can have  a separate group for your classmates. This will let you always remain aware about each other’s position. You do not need to call them every time you can’t see them around.

If you want to track or find friends with whom you have called or texted long ago, you can do so using GPS tracking service. If you have fixed-up a meeting with your old class mates, you can also reach the destination  on time and find each other easily.

There are quite a few GPS tracking service providers that can help you to track, find, locate, and learn the position of others very accurately. You will receive alerts on the location of your friends. Such a service is so accurate that you will be able to follow your classmates turn-by-turn on road that they are travelling.

How does vehicle gps hardware work

The letters GPS stand for Global Positioning Device. Vehicle GPS devices connect to several satellites at a time. The satellites are located in the space. A GPS unit then uses information received from satellites to identify its location.


GPS location sensor needs to be connected to at least 3 satellites to identify its latitude and longitude and track movement. With a connection to four or more satellites, a sensor can determine its altitude in addition to its latitude and longitude. Signals from GPS satellites travel to a vehicle GPS system at the speed of light. A GPS system intercepts these signals. Next, it measures how long it took for a signal to get to the sensor. Then it calculates how far away the sensor is from each satellite and identifies location.

Initially the GPS satellites were placed in space by the US Department of Defense for military purposes. An early satellite-based system named TRANSIT was operating in the 1960s. More refined versions with multiple satellites were in use by general military in early 1980s.

Also in 1980s the US Government made the satellites available for civilian use. However, the military was using interference signals to make sure that it was the only one who could use the system with precision. President Clinton created a law in 2000 prohibiting the military from using interference. This immediately made civilian GPS systems more accurate.

When first civilian vehicle GPS devices became available, they were expensive, big in size, oftentimes needed an external antenna and a power source.

Nowadays GPS systems are much different. They are usually very small in size and fast in operation, yet they have much bigger screens compared to 10 or even 5 years ago. They have a built-in antenna and a built-in battery, meaning that a GPS does not need to be connected to an external power source during operation.

Modern car GPS systems are also much more than simply a GPS location platform. They have Bluetooth capabilities for hands-free calling using a smartphone. They have libraries with maps, points of interest and all kinds of voice-enabled tour guides, from location based to interest based. Location based tour guides may offer a tour of a certain city or state. Interest-based guides can take a traveler across different states offering to visit various Greek Churches or abandoned coal mines.

Early GPS systems could only tell latitude and longitude. Modern GPS with real-directions use street names when directing drivers where to go and show distances and places of interest on the screen.

There are also apps for smartphones available in Apple Store and Android market that significantly expand car GPS features. For example, an app called Smartlink syncs with car GPS through Bluetooth and gives users access to the contact book of their phone without having to type information into GPS.

How can i find my stolen phone/iphone?

Usually to find a lost phone number is not particularly difficult, at the same time to find a stolen mobile phone or iPhone is more problematic. However, there are such techniques, which can help to find both the device and the subscriber number.


Ifyouneed to find the mobile phone, but not the lost phone number, you can use satellite transmission facilities or specialservices, provided by the mobile phone providers.To help youandyour loved ones to find lost or stolen mobile phone you should install a special program on the phonethatallows you totrack itfrom another device via satellite.

You have to install the distant tracking software and check its serviceability. The program will specify the current location of the mobile phone on the map. The accuracy of the location’s specification depends on the truth of the various conditions. Remember that installation of such software on someone else’s phone without the owner’s permission is prohibited and is illegal.

At the same time if you are the proud owner of iPhone, it is easier for you to find it.

What steps do I need to make to simplify the iPhone’s search, if it has been stolen or lost?

The Function “Find my Device”

It is recommended to set up the function “Find iPhone» in your iPhone or iPad as soon as you buy the device.

  1. First, make sure that the geolocation function is enabled in your privacy settings (Settings -> Privacy -> Geolocation).
  2. Then activateiCloudandenable the function“Find iPhone”in thesystem settings in tabOf course, this procedure does not protectyou from a theft, but it can greatly simplify the stolen iPhonesearch, namely, to determine the location of theiPhoneoriPad.
  3. However, it happens that besidespicking and stealing experience, a thief is also experiencedin the devicesand caneasilydisablethis setting, depriving you of the opportunityto find the iPhone. Tomake a thief’s life difficult itis recommended toset a password forthe iPhone’s unlock.

How do I find the location of my stolen iPhone?

Variant 1. To determine the location of the iPhone, please visit and open the Web application “Find iPhone”.

Variant 2. Start the application “Find iPhone” on any iOS device. If the iPhone has already been registered in the service iCloud, and has the Internet access at this time, the application will indicate the location of the iPhone. If the iPhone does not have the Internet access, it is possible to activate the notification of the device appearance on the Internet by e-mail.

How does electronic tagging work

Electronic tagging is a very popular process. Electronic tagging assists us to attach a tracking device to a person or a vehicle. This process can help us to monitor the movement of a particular person or a vehicle. This process used for monitoring criminal activities.


Electronic tagging process can trace the location of a person or a vehicle. There is also a tiny transmitter in the electronic tagging. This small transmitter sends the signal to the police. This process assists police staff to find out the criminal very easily.

Electronic tagging process gives us a perfect idea about the location & status. It can track all kinds of vital information perfectly. We can get this high class device in different forms. Such as: anklet, bracelet, microchip, dog tag etc. Police staff can use this high class process to find out the criminals. If you can full-fill all kinds of vital requirements perfectly, then you can get 100% success by using an electronic tagging process.

Electronic tagging process works with two types of networks. Such as: RFID & GPS. Electronic tagging is a cost effective process. It is also very reliable for all of us. This process assists us to monitor and control all the vital things perfectly. It is really very trusted technology.

This high class technology gives all kinds vital data very easily. That is why; this technology is very familiar with all over the world. People from different walks of life try to get a clear idea about the electronic tagging process. This process can make a perfect outcome for all of us. A user can get full success by using a high class electronic tagging system.

Finally it is very easy to say that, electronic tagging process is very vital for all of us. If you want to get a full idea about the GPS tracking process, then you have to be very conscious about the electronic tagging process. A high class electronic tagging process helps you to locate another person very efficiently. Electronic tagging process works really great. That is why; one can get full success by using a high class electronic tagging process. To get good result, you have to be very serious about this matter. Your seriousness assists you to get perfect outcome.

Can one download a GPS tracker for an Android device which has no pre-installed tracker?

Yes anyone can download any kind of tracker for the device, may that be of freeware sites and web-pages, the internet GooglePlay Market or IOS market.

The installation process take small amount somewhere about 10 minutes. Depending on the application size which can be from 3 -5 MB  to 60MB the download is really fast. Setting up the application to work properly and testing can take up to 20 minutes of your time.


Settings which you need to adjust are the number of the users on the phone, who will use the phone and who you are going to track. What data are you going to track, SMS messages, calls and contacts, location on the map or every data stored on the smart phone.

Some application require sign up subscription to one of their sites in order to allow secure cloud storing service and real time and off line view of the monitored and logged data stored on these servers.

The sign up process require your name, address, email address and other personal information which you decide to share or not.

Some non-modern android phones don’t have built in GPS tracker, but you can install trackers on them also, and they will use the internet, wired or wireless connection, internet IP address to determine your current and future location.

In order to install tracking application you need to have admin privilege on the smart phone, or be an administrator the owner, you need to be able to know the password to unlock it.

Non-owners cannot install any tracking apps on your phone and they cannot do that remotely they need to have physical access to the device.

Use of GoogleMaps and tracking is available on any devices, from the old legacy outdated device to the most modern technology running android 5 and up.

Some have GPS built some don’t but you can get details about your whereabouts with the use of the network if you can access to it.

But today there are small number of devices which do not have built in GPS device, so you don’t have to worry much about having the required hardware in order to enable it’s users tracking features, and sharing the location to your friends, social media, parents and other.

To be able to install GPS tracker on your Android device you must own the smart phone, have access to any kind of internet connection from which you will download the application, the device should have the necessary GPS hardware, and the user should confirm the required permissions in order the application to work.

There are not any kind of limit of age, location, of the user. And it doesn’t matter from which source you gonna get the application.